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Growth brochure · 5 min

July 22, 2022

Unpacking the Future. Key trends that are reshaping labels and packaging.


The last few years have turned the global economy upside down and sparked a catalyst for change altering the way people live, work, and shop with lasting consequences. As consumer preferences and consumer channels shifted dramatically, it also started to reshape existing megatrends, such as sustainability, automation, security, and e-commerce. The global supply chain has also been disrupted. And that, aided by unfilled workforce positions, issues with freight and shipping, natural disasters, and other unforeseen events, continues to wreak havoc on industry. Yet, while the printing industry may now be more volatile, many segments, including labels and packaging, have experienced growth. As global demand for manufacturing, distribution,and track and trace of essential medical, food, and household goods boomed, converters that were agile enough to keep up have thrived. This highlights the exciting opportunities ahead for businesses that embrace agile digital printing solutions alongside their traditional printing methods.

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