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Sustainability article · 7 min

September 30, 2022

Tony’s Chocolonely announces new partnership with Precision Proco to bolster supply chain reliability and drive sustainability

HP Indigo technology helps Precision Proco meet Tony’s requirement for high-quality personalised wrappers and packaging in a post-Brexit landscape

Tony’s Chocolonely announces new partnership with Precision Proco

Sheffield, 21 September 2022: Precision Proco, part of the industry-leading Precision Proco Group (PPG), has welcomed confectionary brand Tony’s Chocolonely to its portfolio of innovative and inspirational clients

Precision Proco works with some of the UK’s most recognisable ecommerce and consumer goods brands to deliver high-quality print materials. Originally three long-established print companies, Precision Printing, Prime and ProCo joined forces in August 2020 to reimagine how corporate print is delivered - from leading the charge on waste reduction to delivering cutting-edge applications.

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Tony’s is an industry-leading chocolatier with the defining principle of putting an end to modern slavery and illegal child labour on cocoa farms in West Africa. With their 5 Sourcing Principles they are showing that it is possible to make delicious chocolate and be a successful chocolate brand without exploiting cocoa farmers at the start of the supply chain. 

Precision Proco supports Tony’s by executing personalised orders in the UK– online Tony’s customers can customise packaging designs, add recipient names and upload photos to be printed on their bespoke Tony’s wrapper.

Prior to its partnership with Precision Proco, Amsterdam-based Tony’s worked with a Print Service Provider (PSP) in the Netherlands to fulfil UK orders. However, the chocolate-maker decided to change provider for UK distribution following significant cost increases and delivery challenges created by Brexit. Tony’s was keen to maintain its trusted use of HP Indigo when searching for a new UK-based provider, having already relied on the technology for a number of years.

“Precision Proco are experts at what they do and can provide us with a complete print and fulfilment solution – from high-quality personalised wrappers and packaging, to understanding our choco fans better. This reduces complexity and costs, which enables us to give our choco fans the very best experience whilst maximising positive impact” comments Ben Greensmith, UK Country Manager of Tony’s Chocolonely.

Precision Proco relies upon its fleet of HP Indigo printers to deliver high-quality personalised and sustainable wrappers for Tony’s, including the HP Indigo 10000 and HP Indigo 12000 Digital Presses, making use of technology such as HP SiteFlow to deliver thousands of personalised bars every day to individuals and businesses across the UK.

“Thanks to a global collaboration between HP Indigo users, this exciting project has been brought to life in the UK”, states Jon Tolley, Chief Innovation Officer at Precision Proco. “HP’s expertise in delivering personalisation technology gave us the quality and speed of production we needed to take on the contract. The collaboration with HP Indigo allows us to offer our client innovation and efficiency in all areas from concept to production. Tony’s is an amazing brand and we aim to help them get their message out in the UK with a little personalisation powered by HP Indigo technology – and occasional tasting of some fantastic chocolate along the way!” 

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Precision Proco’s use of HP Indigo technology not only ensures delivery of consistently high-quality and personalised labels, but also provides an end-to-end sustainable packaging solution for their highly ethical customer, Tony’s. Peter Jolly, Country Manager, UK & Ireland, HP Indigo, also added: “It’s been wonderful to witness this exciting new partnership between PPG and Tony’s Chocolonely. We are pleased that Tony’s is continuing its journey with HP Indigo – we know a key reason for this is that our technology allows the company to reduce its carbon footprint through leveraging end-to-end sustainable packaging solutions”. 

Sustainability is at the heart of HP Indigo, and HP’s high-tech presses are designed to meet today’s evolving printing needs for sustainability, personalisation, security and immediacy. HP Indigo technology, like PrintOS and HP SiteFlow, ensures that printing is always delivered on demand and via digital technology, reducing waste by ensuring Precision Proco only prints what is needed, embedding sustainability into every element of Tony’s value chain.

For more information on the full range of HP Indigo presses available and other HP Digital Printing Solutions, please see here for further information.

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To create your own Tony’s Chocolonely personalised bars just visit


Steph Audeh, HP UK Communications


Maya Antoni-Cselko, Edelman for HP