Use our wall decals and window graphics to produce long-lasting images. The scratch-resistant prints are both easy to install and remove, and overcoating saves you from having to laminate. Things are getting easier all the time.

Your business can combine all shapes, sizes, colors and designs to customize stickers, communicate messages and enhance branding. You can do all this with no-curl finishes and high-opacity white on both transparent and colored media. The options are there, you just have to choose.

Stickers are great for that personal touch you’re looking to give to your business. So take advantage of the wide range of options we have on offer. We provide you with the flexibility of creating pretty any combination.

(1) White ink available for the HP Latex 700 W and 800 W Printers. Whitest white based on ISO/DIS 23498 compared to competitive alternatives using solvent and UV technologies under $50,000 USD as of May, 2020. Test performed on black opaque self-adhesive vinyl (L*:4.16 – a:0,48-b:2,34) with 160% UF printmode using HP 832 1-liter White Latex Ink Cartridge with the HP Latex 700 W Printer and 836 White Latex Ink Cartridge with the HP Latex 800 W Printer. Visual opacity = 91%.

(2) HP Latex Overcoat improves scratch resistance on low-cost prints where lamination may be impractical or too expensive. Scratch resistance based on internal HP testing in December 2019 based on ISO1518-2:2011. Estimates by HP Media Performance Lab on a range of media.